who we are
360 Global Holding Company, owned by Qihoo 360 Group, delivers safe and pleasant digital life experience for customers around the world, via products built with cyber security expertise, meticulous IT engineering & time-honored industry insights.
what we do
Digital Entertainment –
Proceeding from the rich experience of Qihoo 360 as a leading game distributor/operator in China, 360 Global is serving more and more customers around the world with innovative gaming software and devoted operational care.
Financial Services -
Deriving market-proved technologies and experience from 360 Finance Group’s domestic success in China, 360 Global is serving a rapidly increasing amount of SE Asian customers with safer, faster and cheaper on-line financial products, ranging from AI-driven credit loan to highly efficient smart wealth management.
IoT –
Combing smart hardware R&D capability and world-class IoT security system of Qihoo 360, 360 Global is working with partners in Southeastern Asia and North America to deploy IoT solutions to scalable and flexible scenarios, such as home, community, manufacturing and city management.
what we do
essential Drivers
Driven by
AI: Algorithmic brain
Tailored solutions featuring mature machine learning applications and sophisticated DNN-enabled frameworks are being deployed and continuously evolved through different links of all our operations, to generate efficient, responsive and smart experience for our valued customers.
BC: Trail-blazing connectivity
Our curious product managers and ingenious engineers are constantly exploring more and more scenarios, from trust disintermediation and gaming, to charity and crowd funding, for effective and meaningful applications of Block Chain technologies, to bring into reality the enormous potential thereof.
XR: 'Wow' Interaction
Fascinated by the undeniable magic of AR/VR/MR, we do boast a passionate team of developers and engineers devoted to presenting our customers around the world the joyful surprises of XR-enabled interactions and unforgettable experiences.
360 Global Investment Fund, registered in Cayman Islands and founded by 360 Group and our trusted resourceful institutional partners, is committed to synergy-generating strategic investments, early phase investments into innovative businesses, and supporting nascent technology startups into organic growth.
Main areas of investment focus
Digital entertainment
IoT & Innovative cyber security
Innovative financial services
Block chain applications
Investment objectives
Generate mid/long-term stable return for investors with our rigorously compliant and ESG-friendly investment management.
-support strategic growth of 360 Global by pursuing organic synergies worldwide
-assist growth of innovative nascent tech-related businesses with financial and industrial resources of 360 Group and its global network.
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Investment team
Investment team: a strong line-up of investment professionals
& various industry experts based in China mainland, Hong
Kong, Singapore, and US.
Qihoo 360 Product Portfolio
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