Chief Scientist - AI
Location: The Bay Area(US),China(Beijing/Shanghai)
Reporting to: CTO
1. Responsible for the development strategy, technical path, and key technology direction.
2. Lead research in advanced Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning, majorly focusing on the long-term research topics.
3. Build up and lead a team of machine learning scientists evolving distinctive practices.
4. Publication, presentation, and contribution as a thought leader in the field of machine learning and AI.
1. PhD in Machine Learning or related fields from a highly reputable institution.
2. 8+ years of hands on research experience in Deep Learning and related fields, industrial experience required.
3. Highly cited publications in relevant fields.
4. Deep insight in machine learning and deep learning.
5. Extensive experience in natural language process (NLP), Machine translation, and/or video analysis.
6. Experience with Caffe/Tensor Flow/Torch or similar deep learning frameworks.
7. Programming experience with R/Scala/C++/Python, or other related programming languages.
8. Strong passion in technology and willingness to make an impact.
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Social Media/Content Manager
Location: The Bay Area
Reporting to: Head of Marketing
1. Create content, publish and grow our social channels across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Snapchat, etc.
2. Directly engage with game player and fans via social platforms, driving conversations and building deeper relationships.
3. Develop and execute social marketing campaigns that produce high engagement.
4. Track, monitor and report against weekly social growth and engagement.
5. Be the brain trust of the overall social landscape, trending topics, and leverage latest social media best practices in order to provide ongoing thought leadership.
6. Grow our social media channels.
7. Collaborate across departments and initiatives.
1. Minimum of 3 years of social media management experience.
2. Proven track record of growing a brand and social media channels.
3. Proven ability to manage multiple priorities in a fast paced environment.
4. Exceptional writing and communication.
5. Self-starter, extremely organized, detail oriented and collaborative.
6. Passionate and enthusiastic team member.
7. Genuinely interested in pop culture and teen culture.
8. BA/BS degree required.
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HR Staff
Location: Jakarta
Reporting to: Head of HR
1. Take the company's local recruitment plan and recruitment strategy.
2. the entire process of recruitment for local positions, including: communicate with the business department, make clear the demand for recruitment, search resume through various channels, complete resume screening, talent screening, candidate communication, interview arrangement, background investigation, as to meet the recruitment needs in time.
3. Develop and improve various local recruitment channels, set up overseas talent pool, and carry out necessary mapping work.
4. Collect local labor salary and welfare policy process (salary, individual tax, social security and so on), and formulate system policies that conform to the rules of the company.
5. Calculate the salary reports of overseas employees to ensure that the employees' wages are accurate and distributed on time.
6. Responsible for the management of overseas suppliers, including the payment of salary, the payment of social insurance and provident fund, and the individual tax declaration.
1. Female, Major Psychology/HR/Law, BA/BS degree required.max. 30 years old.
2. Minimal 2 years working experience in a similar position.
3. Good computer literate, excellent communication skills, Proficient in Indonesian and English.
4. Strong familiarity with Indonesian labor laws and regulations.
5. Good understanding with HR matters is an advantage.
6. Having a good knowledge about a psychological test, interpretation, interview technique.
7. Good interpersonal & communication skill, analytical thinking and problem solving.
8.Working to work hard, honest & strong self initiative, team work compatible
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Credit Audit and Fraud Investigation Supervisor
Location: Jakarta
Reporting to: Head of Risk Control
1. Participate in the establishment of an overseas letter trial and anti-fraud team to troubleshoot the application and investigate suspected fraud cases.
2. Responsible for the team's daily management, operation quality inspection and performance evaluation.
3. Formulate overseas investigation and fraud investigation strategy, and optimize according to the actual situation to improve accuracy and customer experience.
4. Locate risks in a timely manner to promote the overall effect of risk control.
5. Write & communicate the requirements of the risk control system and perform functionality tests.
1. Full time undergraduate degree or above, two years of auditing experience in bank credit card or internet personal credit, more than one year of team management experience.
2. Love to take up challenges, strong learning ability and able to resist pressure, enthusiastically pursue careers from 0 to 1, and have a sense of accomplishment in work.
3. Can adapt to overseas business trips.
4. Skilled in the English language is preferred.
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Risk Control Analyst
Location: Jakarta
Reporting to: Head of Risk Control
1.Assist in the formulation of risk control strategies for overseas credit products, and continuously optimize strategies through data analysis.
2. Establish risk monitoring system and customer evaluation system for credit products to control risks and maximize profitability.
3. Write and communicate the requirements of the Risk control system and conduct functionality tests.
1. Full time undergraduate degree or above in statistics, computer science, mathematics, finance, or economics preferred.
2. More than two years experience in risk control strategies for bank credit card or Internet personal credit, data analysis modeling or product design experience is preferred.
3. Proficiency in using SQL, mastering R, PYTHON or SAS is a plus.
4. Love to take up challenges, strong learning ability and able to resist pressure, enthusiastically pursue careers from 0 to 1, and have a sense of accomplishment in work.
5. Good English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability.
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